Heavy Equipment Service Co – HESCO

HESCO (Heavy Equipment Service Company), HEPCO’s after sales service company, is the first and the biggest road construction, mining and agricultural heavy equipment Service Company in Iran. Having thirty five years expertise, HESCO has been established in 1977 and has started its activity with providing genuine parts and warranty services. After sales services started with a head office on Karaj Road and some branches in Arak, Ahvaz and Kerman provinces of Iran, but due to an increase in the number of HEPCO products in Iran, it opened branches with trained personnel in the capitals of provinces in 1998. In addition to products such as loaders, excavators, graders and rollers, HEPCO manufactures other products in cooperation with world known manufacturers such as Volvo, Liebherr, New Holland and Komatsu. For this, technical support of this wide range of products necessarily needed professional training, added to the broad variety of parts, integrated systems, equipped dealers, complicated electronic tools and specialized repair shops, HEPCO established an independent company to compromise the above mentioned by the name of, HESCO by the year 2010. During all these years Hesco has provided its customers with excellent support in all road construction, mining and dam-building projects and now the brand image of Hepco is based on trustable companion for road constructors and miners, giving them brilliant support anywhere, anytime.
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